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    Office Facility
    At e-Datatransc we operate a spacious office in Bangalore, India. With quality workstations, power room, it is a great atmosphere to work in. This positive air shows in the productivity of our agents, in-turn making it a positive experience for our customers.

    Uninterruptible Power Supply
    The facility is stable on Power with generators and backup generators and UPS. These two stand-by facilities together with the main power system ensures 100% power assurance. Power failure never comes in the way of our support operations.

    Highly reliable network infrastructure
    We have taken strict actions to make Local Area Network (LAN), (WAN) and computer areas highly secured. Each of our computer systems are protected by anti-virus softwares that prevents unwanted troubleshooting because of virus attacks. For the sake of client data security, we have also prohibited the use of pen drives, CDs, etc. inside the office premises. We ensure full security and privacy through Password-protected network and telecommunications access.

    High Speed Fibre Optic 60 mbps Internet Connectivity. Fail safe ring architecture for redundancy and SLA with the ISPs to office 24/7 support and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

    Quality Control Team
    At e-Datatransc we have expert team to check the quality of data before delivering to the clients, they are well trained to deliver the quality work as per our clients requirements.

    Office Photos: