e-Datatransc Healthcare Services is one the leading offshore service providers of Medical coding, Medical billing, Medical Claims processing, and Healthcare Revenue Management. We are dedicated to providing the following services to our valuable clients.

The Health care solution has been developed from the ground up with a key focus of meeting the needs of healthcare professionals while minimizing the costs and resources required to run global healthcare organizations.

Our Team has broad experience in providing services in a variety of hospital-based and office-based physician specialties. We also have experience in providing services to Account Receivable Management companies and their hospital clients for their credit balance account, regular accounts receivable and facility coding needs.

Revenue Cycle Management

e-Datatransc is a leading organization in healthcare services. We promise you quality services along with a good return on investment with our Revenue Cycle Management solutions. We can control the entire revenue cycle starting from a patient’s admission to the hospital, treatment and discharge to post discharge claims and accounts settling.

Outstanding revenues and a disorganized revenue cycle – these are two major factors that pull down the effectiveness of hospitals. As a healthcare service provider, it becomes highly essential that you have an agile revenue cycle management. Accelerated cash flow

By leveraging these advantages you can reorganize the functioning of your hospital and ensure a high level of patient satisfaction. Moreover, outsourcing comes in as a wise business decision for cost effectiveness, high quality work and relief from the hassles of staff management.

e-Datatransc Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Here is a brief overview of how we approach hospital revenue cycle management: