Data Capture



e-Datatransc data capture services allow businesses to collect and process data taken from significant forms, documents, and online sheets into significant and accurate information. The end result can be used for various business decisions, application business software or can be stored in large databases for future reference.

If your company needs to bring together data from paper-based documents, we can make that task as proficient as possible. By combining proper form design and the latest recognition technology, we can provide you with custom solutions that will move data into your system, quickly and accurately.

Our Data Capture Services

Organizing the data into client specific form.
Accumulate data from the websites and enter into the excel spread sheets.
Look for online newspapers for the most up-to-date information.
By means of application software, going to extract meta data from the websites.
News stories from the online news sources.
Collect relevant and updated information with reference to a competitor's Offers and pricing.
Benefits of data capture services.
Reduce data entry personal costs.
Capture large amounts of data in short time periods.
Remove up-front capital expenditures involved in acquiring the necessary
Hardware and software.
Improve customer service capabilities.
Reduce the costs associated with fixing incorrectly entered data.
Save time and money by speeding the flow of accurate, useful information into your organization.